Diagnostic Camera

More often than not, we clear a blockage manually or with one of our specialist jetting or mechanical tools. But if a blockage is more stubborn, there may be a bigger issue. That’s where the a CCTV survey becomes useful.

We at Mr. Plumber carry out all types of drain surveys.

From a simple look to check clearance to a peace- of- mind home buyers survey or if you need a full drainage survey using all the latest technology.

Buying a new home, worried about the bits you don’t see? Like a damaged drain… or root infiltration of the sewer mains.

Entech can provide a special homebuyers CCTV drain report. Priced competitively, it gives you peace of mind when buying your dream home.

So don’t let the broken drain break your buying home chain. Call Entech today and consider your drain inspection problems solved.

All our surveys come to you in easy to understand formats. Our inspections let you see inside your drains and understand any repairs that are needed.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly rental rates available.
Call 947-9253 for details.